Get leads with our Google Ads Campaign Management services

Our managed services for Google search advertising powers your sales by bringing potential customers to your site every day.



This includes a Google Ads specialist to set up and maintain your campaign performance. Advertising budgets vary based on your industry and location and costs extra.

Attract your ideal buyers with Targeted Google Ads

Get more prospects by advertising on the first page of Google to people who show an

interest in exactly what your business offers.

Ads Management

Trust our team to do the hard work of ensuring your ads show up when potential buyers are searching for your products and services.

Campaign Optimization

Our certified advertising specialists have optimized and managed over 500+ campaigns in the last 10 years.

Campaign Support

Our managed service means that real people are working on your campaign and are here to support you.

Google Ads create an opportunity for your business to be seen in local search results like no other marketing channel in history.

Ad campaigns that work in harmony with your website

Lead Launch offers complete Google Ads Campaign Management services:
We set up your AdWords campaigns, maintain and optimize them.

This includes building all your landing pages for your ads, ensuring that everything on your  site is linked properly, reporting on your ads’ performance, and routing leads from your site to the right place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about my ad budget?

Your ad budget will depend on your industry, competition, timeline, and goals. It will be paid directly to Google and won’t be invoiced by Pronto. You can start off with a small budget with Google Ads Express, but for Google Ads, we recommend at least $1,000/m. There is some flexibility around this so if you’d like to start with a smaller budget, just let us know.

How can I keep track of my campaign performance?

Each month, we’ll send you a detailed report with information on your campaigns. You can also log into your Google Analytics or Google Ads account to view data on your campaign performance.

Are landing pages for my campaigns included in this service?

Although we don’t specifically include landing pages as a feature of this service, we’re happy to create them for you if we think it will be beneficial for your campaigns. Unfortunately, this is only possible for Google Ads packages because Google doesn’t allow landing pages on the Google Ads Express platform.

Why do you have a 3 month commitment?

Building a successful Google Ads campaign takes time. By running a campaign for at least 3 months, we’ll have enough data to make the necessary adjustments and calculate an accurate ROI.